Day before Yesterday I falled in a problem. That was My PC’s Copy Paste option became disable Automatically. It was too much Panicable situaltion.

 Here Must have to share with everybody.That day I took a memory card reader from one of my friend. He was bothering me to have a Hindi Song. I put his card reader to USB port and tried to send that song.But reader became open automatically.  My PC became hang. After sometime my mouse cursor was blinking  and blinking  steedy. I Unpluged Reader,but it was too late.My PC had become infected with that virus. My existing Anti Virus software was unable to find out the virus and to kill.

 Last night I format ‘C’ Drive. But no profit. Then Installed Active Virus Shield and finally got free from virus. Now I can Copy Paste.  😀

Credit also goes to get free from Virus . Trivuz vai, Opu vai, Rony vai.