At least 84 people were killed and hundreds more injured and missing as torrential rains sparked a series of devastating landslides in Chittagong , plunging the country’s second city into chaos, with power supplies snapped, the port and airport closed and residents seeking safety on their roofs. 

The heaviest rainfall in quarter of a century saturated the hillsides in and around the city giving residents no chance to escape when a tide of mud and water swept down on their homes in the early hours of yesterday morning, burying whole families under mud and debris while they slept. The powerful current simply washed others away.The rainfall, coupled with severe water logging, meant that even by yesterday evening large areas of the city remained submerged with many residents taking shelter on roofs or the higher floors of buildings.

HSC, Technical and Madrasa Board exams scheduled to be held today have been postponed for the students of Chittagong district. Business & economical activities has disrupted. Country’s largest port closed.